Encryption Options

None - Regular Message

Not selecting an encryption option generates a regular message.


Using transposition to encode your message rearranges the letters in one of three ways:

  • Shuffle - randomly shuffles the letters in each word
  • Reverse - reverses the order of the letters in each word
  • Substitution - allows you to select one or more substitutions to replace letters with their pairs (the more substitutions you use, the more difficult it is for the recipient to decode)

Question Lock

A question lock allows you to create a question that the recipient will be required to answer correctly in order to view your message. You can increase the difficulty by opting out of displaying the character length of the answer to your question.


The snake encryption type arranges your message so that it requires a snakelike motion to decipher it. The four options show the starting point and the initial direction to read your message.


Interactive types engage the recipient in deciphering your secret message. Selecting one of these automatically sets your message to self destruct after being viewed once to ensure your recipient does not try to cheat to reveal your message (by opening it on another computer to give it another try for instance). You have three different interactive types to choose from:

  • Invisible Ink - the recipient has to guess which color your wrote your message with to view it
  • Hangman - like the game Hangman, the message gradually shows up as the recipient correctly guesses the characters that it's composed of
  • Substitution - created the same way as the substitution option under the transposition encryption option, except with this interactive version the recipient has to identify the substitutions you used to gradually reveal your message